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Located behind the Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre building, Veterinary Referral Services (VRS), receives companion pet referral case from primary veterinary caregivers when patients require care that is complex, or requires skills and equipment that is beyond the function of a primary caregiver.

Speak to your vet about making an appointment with us, or feel free to contact us directly for advice. We look forward to assisting you.

Want to join our team?

Polytrauma, comminuted fracture, thoracotomy, hemilaminectomy… do these words catch your professional interest?

If so, then an exciting opportunity has become available to join the Veterinary Referral Service Nursing Team.

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Services Offered

Dr Ian R Millward BVSc (Dist.), Cert. SA Surgery, MMedVet SA Surgery (Dist.)

Referral Team

We will work closely
with your current Veterinarian

We are not a substitute for your primary care veterinarian and as such we require a referral from your primary veterinarian before taking on a case.

VRS will work and communicate with your primary care veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.

We will work closely with your veterinarian and keep them well informed of case development.

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We have the Latest Technology

VRS can now offer the PennHIP scoring service in addition to normal radiographic services.

As a PennHIP Certified veterinarian, Ian can test your dogs susceptibility to hip dysplasia using the PennHIP procedure for assessing hip laxity. Studies have shown that dogs with looser hips (excessive laxity) are at higher risk of developing hip dysplasia than dogs with tight hips.

A custom distraction device is used during x-raying to fully reveal hip laxity. Veterinarians must complete specialised training and quality control exercises before becoming certified to perform PennHIP.

A complete PennHip evaluation includes office consultation,sedation/anaesthesia and submission of 3 radiographs to the University of Pennsylvania.

For more information download the PennHIP PDF brochure or visit the PennHIP website , then contact VRS to book in for assessment.

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